Anke Baumgartl, at FALK since March 1, 2004:

Anke Baumgartl

After my high school examinations, I began my career with a bank apprenticeship. After this, to gain a broader insight into business processes, I decided to take a degree in business administration. I quickly became interested in the subjects of tax and auditing.

After successfully completing my studies, I started the next stage of my career as an assistant at FALK. Teamwork, the varied fields of activity and the opportunity to work closely with clients confirmed for me that this was the right career choice. The next goal was quite straightforward: The examination to become a tax consultant.

Here too, it quickly became apparent that my choice of FALK as an employer was the right one. In addition to the training events, it was primarily my daily on-the-job training that helped me to successfully complete the tax examination after just a few years.

When I started out, I did not plan on taking the next step, becoming an auditor. But as I gained more experience, the challenge of becoming a professional in this area too grew more and more attractive. As during my earlier training to become a tax consultant, I received great support from the partners and my colleagues at FALK. With this help, I realized my goal of becoming an auditor.

Our profession is very varied, it calls for a readiness to learn and it continuously provides us with new challenges – it is never boring. The close collaboration with clients enriches our daily work as does the team spirit in the company. The development opportunities in our profession are unmatched in most other fields. FALK supports its employees as they attempt to achieve their professional goals and, at the same time, working independently and - depending on the level of qualification – autonomous management and handling of assignments are desired and promoted.

For anyone considering such a career at FALK, I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

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